Meeting Rooms, your work environment for some days

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What has been your starting point, thinking at your meeting?

Did you consider the general context as the most important ingredient for your meeting? Well, in this case prioritizing location and accommodation is the right choice, then finding the best solution to get the right meeting rooms out among what available, will follow.
Did you consider the work environment the most relevant point for your meeting instead? Well, in this case prioritizing meeting rooms while selecting accommodations , is definitely the best option in order to create the most efficient combination for your meeting.
Anyway according to your programs, together we’ll define if you need one big meeting room or rather one smaller to limit costs; maybe you need multiple rooms…ok, we need to find out comfortable solution for that. Do you consider mandatory meeting rooms inside the hotel where you are based in? Often this is definitely the best solutions, but sometime for many reasons meeting in some room out of your Hotel could be even better. Let’s decide together what way to walk!
Well, now it comes to “how meeting rooms are supposed to look like?” According to your meeting expectations, it’s important to give consistency with the work-environment, so should we prefer a classic meeting room or rather something more lean and simple? Wait!… why not something more innovative?


All in all the meeting room will be your work environment for a couple of days, it will be the “frame” of your “picture”, so in defining what is best for you, we need to pinpoint:
– Confort and Luxury level
– Consistency with the type of meeting.. a workshop need some different set up than a conference!
– Equipment: beamer is a must, but it’s all what you need? What about audio? And the screens? What about chairs and desks?
– Spaces: some meetings assume people sit down all the time, others assume people moving in various activities, this create different needs which also has to be taken into consideration
– Breaks: breaks are an important part of meetings, they need spaces to socialize and drink serenely a cup of coffee together; we need to take care of that making as easier as possible the transition from work to break!
– Style: our philosophy is based on the fact we want to get people totally LIVING the meeting, fully immersed in a special context. That is, what’s the perfect style to feature our meeting?
Ok, after such reflections, now we have found the best meeting rooms together with you!

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