Location, one of the relevant key point for your meetings


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Why the choice of location could affect your meeting?

ITALY.. WOW! It sounds like a dream! Towns encircled by historical fortifications and natural wonders, archeological sites and monuments for every historical age. At a glance the italian heritage, taken by the  Unesco  as World Heritage,  get everybody astonished and Italians really proud.  Italy lead the world ranking for World Heritage by UNESCO counting  53 sites, China will follow with 52.  The rest of Europe is back: only Spain (46 sites) and France (42) are not so faraway.

Starting from Valle Camonica in Lombardy, known worldwide for its outstanding wealth and variety of engraved rock art ( first site to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List),  following with the wonderful  “Cenacolo” of Leonardo da Vinci in Santa Maria delle Grazie Church in Milan (1980), touching Venice and his lagoon (1987), the Palladian Villas near Vicenza (1994-1996) and the Venetian Dolomites . The landscape of Langhe, Roero e Monferrato, in Piedmont was inscribed in 2014, The hystorical city centre of Ferrara near Bologna, Genua and the “Five Lands” , the Northern Dolomites too. In Tuscany the “Miracles square” in Pisa was included in1987, the historical centres of  San Gimignano (1990), Siena (1995) and Pienza (1996), and then the Val d’Orcia’s Villages (2004) and the architectonical buildings belonging the ancient family of “de Medici” (2013.).

Also in Umbria 2 sites are placed inside the list:  Assisi and the San Salvatore Church in Spoleto, while in the Marche region is inscribed Urbino still preserving its Renaissance appearance to a remarkable extent. In the southern part Sicily prevail with even 7 sites included in the Unesco list. The first one date back to 1997: it is “Villa del Casale” in Piazza Armerina, one of the ultimate masterpieces of the Roman Art concerning mosaic flooring. The archaeological area of Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples  entered the list always in 1997, is one of the most relevant   archaeological area in the Hellenistic world. Last but don’t least the Aeolian Islands  (2000), the late Baroque cities of Noto Valley (2002), Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica (2005), the Natural Park of Etna Vulcan (2013).

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Anyway all what mentioned is only a small part of what you can find on this land, many hidden real jewels are just waiting to be discovered by you and your people.

Of course Italy is made not only of such celebrated places, when choosing a location for your meeting, you have to think at Italy has a “big container of opportunities”, and  we are committed to find out even the more unknown jewel of Italy, for creating the best possible environment for you and your people.

So, what about living and enjoying such beauties? Why don’t plan to do it in Italy tomorrow?

Just to recap

Unique locations not to be found in the entire world, history and tradition, amazing landscapes, archaeological sites still to be completely discovered and wild nature will make a wonderful frame to all your activities here! Your meeting  will result really unique and special indeed, all involved people will share ideas, plans, solutions in a very unique way, bringing home a double great value: involvement in your company concepts and goals, and also a bit of Italian soul … culture, liveliness, cheerfulness and humanity. We are proud to put our professionalism, our knowledge of the territory, our expertise to your service.

We will drive your choices according the season, and also your meeting theme, so that you will be able to enjoy and live what we have dreamed for you. We love Italy and we want to bring you to live Italy as it is! The Italian beauties will be your business card to deliver to all your guests! Trust us… a great business card!       

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