Food Experience, jump in the italian food!

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Food Experience in your meeting, why?

Did you know that Italy hold 282 gastronomic specialties with registered designation of origin (DOP and IGP) recognized in the UE?

Did you know that Italy is the only country in the world counting 4886 traditional regional products, obtained according strict rules applied for more than 25 years along?

Did you know that 130 breeds of beef, horses and sheep has been preserved by extinction in Italy?

Did you know that Italy counts on 504 different varieties of grapes inscribed at the “vine variety register”? Our French cousins can counts only on 278 ones!

Did you know that in Italy are 415 wines designated DOC and DOCG (Quality appellations)?

Did you know that  Italy lead the Green European Ranking counting nearly  50.000 Organic Rural Companies,  deciding also to forbid the OGM farming to preserve the biodiversity? 

So, why don’t take advantage of this fantastic richness of food biodiversity unique in the world?

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Why don’t enjoy Italian cuisine, a cuisine which combine tradition and modernity born to enhance the natural taste and features of local food, respecting the refinement of the row materials and pursuing the right balance between nutrition elegance and tastes, don’t forgetting incredible product presentations?

But above all, why don’t take the occasion to experience such a unique cuisine featured by an incredible amount of recipes, reflecting many different regional traditions and so many historical roots? That recipes which were developed respecting the different climates and cultures present in the country, making Italy the richest area in the world in food variety.

What we can do for you

Just to enhance your Food experience in Italy we are able to make you “jumping” directly in the product, enjoying and tasting special flavors, bringing home a real taste of Italy. We’ll do it by tasting experiences, training in trial test, visiting wineries, making you talking directly with wine and oil producers, teaching you to make pasta by yourself and then eating that with your colleagues, visiting and tasting specialties like meat cuts, cheese, and a lot of other regional products you want to taste or rather to know better.

At last don’t forget to try the healthy mediterranean cuisine!

That’s not all guys!!!!!! We are available to build up a tailor made package to live the best Food Experience, using our expertise and network, satisfying all your requests (hopefully!!)  according to seasons and locations. We are sure you will live unforgettable moments, our mission is to make your meeting something more than simply a meeting!

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