EVENTS feed the soul of your meeting


How to give a special touch to your meeting

Events organization is considered one of the big opportunities to motivate people. Lately many companies asked for professional support in leading motivational groups, team building activities or simply events to create fun. The final scope is to use events as a lever to improve the company climate, the motivation and even the performance of the team, printing an unforgettable memory of the days spent together and enhancing the employer branding power.

What better way than organizing a wonderful experience by events involving and marking at emotional level all the meeting attendee?

Italy is the natural stage to experience special events, living in a various and friendly environment among culture, “bella vita”and traditions.

event-hot-air-ballon-trip event-trekking

What we can do

We’ll be happy to put our professionalism, our knowledge of the territory and our personal competences to build up your meeting including events. We are always looking for the best solutions among a huge basket, solutions that suit your specific needs related to seasonality, location and whatever. We are sure to offer you great experiences filling all your available time spent in Italy.

In order to make even more interesting and cultural your experience, we can add activities mixing culture and entertainment. This way allow to create a magic mix which will result in funny and cultural events: Regional cuisine games and courses , trekking and geo-coaching, cultural walks, hot-air balloon trips, visits in typical production farms or food industries and much much more…! Would you like jumping into  the food experience learning about what you eat, doing sampling activities, top wine sampling, visiting wineries learning differences by hundreds of wines? Do you know we can do the same  with olive oil, cheese, meat cuts, and many other food specialities? Let us know what do think about that, weìll think to make it happen!

Finally, such beautiful and vital environment will be your business card to your people attending the meeting… that one which will remain forever in their minds.  

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