Accommodations – Select the best one for your meeting!



One of the main ingredients to get a perfect and extraordinary business meeting is the “selection of the accommodations”.

Wherever you want to feature your event, both next to the sea and closed to lakes or in the mountains, on the hills, in a thermal bath or rather in the city center, we always are looking for special oasis to offer you the right quietness and charm.  Castles, Ancient Villas, Abbeys, Monasteries, Chalets, Historical Hotels, Holiday Farms, or rather elegant and quiet Resorts, typical regional and cosy accommodations, isolated and charming Huts on the Alps or in the countryside: these are examples of what you can get here for tasting history, culture, traditions, uncontaminated by the flatty trend of globalization and thus more and more requested by people looking for valuable experiences.

What we want to do, in the case you need it, it is to suggest you the right accommodation for your meeting. We always start from the “meeting design”in your mind and then your goals…we propose high level accommodations responding to the best hospitality standards, offering a warm and careful friendliness, a polite professionalism. These are the magic ingredients reflecting the traditional values, part of the long-standing history of the Italian culture; human values more and more appreciated all around the world.

If you add to this the variety and the typicality of the regional cuisine, the charm of the environment and his beauty, then you have got the best requisite to perform the best meeting ever. That’s all what will enable you to bring home the expected result in the best and valuable way. Last but not least, finally you will add to your life a bit of wonderful time.

What we can do for you

Now this is available for you!! We put our professionalism, our knowledge about territory, our expertise to fit your needs and wishes, considering your brief and all the factors influencing the meeting, such as seasonality and travelling.

Our mission consist in exceed the best possible experience you can imagine about Italy in relation to your work-time. Let’s jump in a unique and charming ambiance!

Your meeting must be really a special event, this is our MUST…and be sure…it will remain in your mind forever.

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