Atelier is usually considered the charming laboratory of artists or artisans, the place which they project and build their masterpieces in.

maidatelier is a really unique atelier…

-Here sustainable solutions are studied and investigated; innovation and sustainable development are always top of mind

-It isn’t a precise place, because it moves depending on the project… The venue could be even inside your company, for instance .

-No clothes sewings and canvas painting happen, but you could «paint» good projects for personal and company growth instead.

-Not any traditional artisans work there, but you and selected consultants in order to create «together» growth by improvements, unleashing your talent , mixing your artistic soul and your professional skills

Nothing international, just the best pure italian style…enjoy it!



Health & Safety

Commercial Development

Commercial Coaching

Digital Marketing and Local Marketing


Company Services

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mistery Client

Base Branding

Digital Marketing


Communication    Managing Techniques    Soft Skills    Problem Solving    Change Management    Price and Quality    E-Learning