A breach in the UN 2030 Agenda

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Written by Stefano Maida

What about first 5 years?

The UN 2030 Agenda is in my mind the greatest tool in the hands of all politicians. Anyway, I’d like now to highlight a bad result got by the 2030 Agenda when 2020 is coming up…

After 5 year after the start-up of the defined route towards a sustainable development, the many people never heard about it… this sounds just a little bit weird and frustrating to me!!

It’s curious that such a great and important design, born from people and slowly climbing up till politics, now seems to be destined to not be spread out to the many people, but to remain in some secluded sphere instead.  

All in all, at the current level, a good “sustainable mentality” has propagate in a part of the economic network, among enterprises owned or directed by visionary people embracing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) way; some political movement is inspiring by that topic as well, and of course a lot of “disorganized” citizens are too. Anyway… is it enough after 5 years by the UN 2030 Agenda launch?

The invisible key

No… definitely no! Unfortunately politics is always spinning around the never-ending dilemma about what is right for society and what is useful for the politicians themselves, so while UN is working to create relevant humus for sustainable development, politicians are still engaged in finding solutions to preserve old businesses  and the many  enterprises are striving to create new businesses by conventional ways; only a few enterprises (although growing up) and a little percentage of society is now acting in a sustainable way and planning actions for a sustainable future.

So, I definitively think that the key for achieving the 17 sdg’s of the UN 2030 Agenda, at this step is clearly a matter about “spreading the culture among people”. The many people will understand the importance of the UN 2030 Agenda, the many people will change their behaviour, both in their life-style and in their purchasing behaviour. That’s how to repair a breach in the UN 2030 Agenda

Politics and people cycle

If we will be able in a couple of years to get people understanding the values of this route, maybe we could hope to achieve the 17 sdg’s, otherwise simply don’t. Actually, it’s quite easy to predict a growing interest of companies in following sustainable ways, if their customer will increase their sensibility to the sustainable topics. And it’s also quite easy to predict that as many enterprises will turn towards sustainable development as many politicians will drive their policies towards the same goals.

It’s hard to say, I know…we are supposed to believe exactly the contrary, governments are supposed to drive the change in the society, but unfortunately our current system is sick to the point that run upside down … and therefore now it’s time to drive the change as people!

Call to action

I work in education, and believe that education is a relevant lever to drive change and repair a breach in the UN 2030 Agenda, so I invite all my collegues working around education projects about Sustainability, to try to find time to speak to people, not only to “targeted people”… our targets, our students, usually are already interested to sustainability, they want learn and learn more… and that’s fantastic; but the many people are still immerged in the extreme consumerism, converting them to sustainable ways is not only fantastic.. it’s magic!… and the only way to sustainably win!

For that reason I’m available to organize events, and overall Team building meetings, merging common interests with Sustainability topics… that’s a fantastic way to make everything painted of sustainable colors, colors which belong to our sustainable life!

Pls. contact me to share ideas on how to be effective in consumer education, and involving people!

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