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Written by Stefano Maida

More and more companies are trying to be CSR oriented Companies, beyond Profitable Companies. The transition time to become a CSR oriented Company is not so short and so easy, first of all due to the mindset barrier part of the the typical Business mindset of today.  Nowadays it is very common seeing at 2 different approach to the CSR. These approaches could be defined as:

Beneficial approach:

this is the easiest approach in a transition phase; managers understand that customers are more and more sensitive to the social and environmental themes, and therefore they “feel” the business behind the corner. So such a company goes for CSR, does CSR actions, and all in all they contribute to CSR achievements somehow.

Visionary approach:

this approach require a true step forward in the mindset; companies adopting this approach are really going to put sustainability and social responsibility at least at the same level of importance than profit and financial issues; they are starting to review the meaning of the word “Business”. This is really the big step forward!


Both approaches are appreciable in a moment where Business has become the main driver in our Society, and its rules often smother every kind of human values. Actually, nowadays you can see Politics are driven by business, the “Price” has often taken the place of the “Value” in all human activities and so on… but now democratic societies are expecting to run into the opposite way, so whatever in that direction is welcome.

In the CSR world, It’s interesting anyway to highlight the 2 main differences of the 2 approaches:

The beneficial approach is undertaken by managers driven by the social progress of people, and it come from the “nose”, from the flair, producing some good results for the society looking to the short term.

The visionary approach is undertaken by companies which want to drive people towards a better world, it come from the “hearth” and it aim to produce a world change providing for a long term view!

What about your path?

If you live in a company managing the transition to CSR, whatever the approach is, you can however consider to dedicate your next Team meetings to a real CSR experience. Here in Italy, one land suffering the social effect of a crazy uncontrollable development of the Financial capitalism, it’s possible to put together substantial elements to build a great experience of CSR team meetings.  F.i. staying in organic farms and meeting great people engaged in small and big project of social improvements.. people which goal is simply to help other needy people of, such as immigrants, unemployed, handicapped, bedriddens ecc… and almost they are all voluntary! Or rather you can share great experience together with people working around the SDGs included in the Agenda 2030! Or even better you can have a CREATIVE LAB inspired by all those experiences, and bring back home a new project and a new vision! This kind of Team meeting open your hearts, help needy people and overall enrich your people, their spirit and their willingness to become more “Social responsible” together with you and your company!

Let’s go in a better world!


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