Val Grande National Park – The largest wilderness area in Italy

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Written by Ennio Camperi

In the northern side of Piedmont, it’s possible to enjoy one of the most surprising area you can imagine. It’s encircled by the Ossola Valleys and the Major Lake. It’s the “Val Grande” National Park, the largest wilderness area of Italy,born in the 1992 and further enlarged in 1998. The Park, beyond to offer an amazing richness of fauna and flora, represents one of the most important memory of the millenarian Alpin civilizazion.


This area populated for thousands of years, expolited for the survival of large communities, was suddenly abandoned  around the fifthy’s in the last century. That situation caused also  the end of the controlled deforestation activities and of the pastoralism, and that meant the coming back towards the full wilderness of the area… the original fauna and flora reconquered their ownership here.

Nature after 70 years is constantly carrying on the process of modeling new areas, with its usual armonic and equilibrating way, originating a new perfect space which we can fully enjoy nowaday of!


Living wilderness in “Val Grande” actually means  exploring timeless places, jumping in an impenetrable and wild nature, encircled by a wild fauna moving among impervious lands and ancient human memories, still evident and perfectly integrated. Roots and Alpine pastures, so as the ruins of the Old Alpine Cottages and  Wood Cableways  let’s understand that once the human presence was  so intensive here.

This untamed place without any road, any permanent  settlement, but equipped with well structured shelters for hikers, allow us to enjoy the real silence, the one that only the abandoned places can offer… but the unique thing we can live here, is breathing a reversed evolution where mankind is subjected to the nature rules! …and understand that it’s magically harmonic and wonderful!

If your team need to be challenged, to build up a new collaborative spirit, this is a real unique opportunity!

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