How to create outstanding Meetings abroad

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written by: Stefano Maida

How to create outstanding meetings abroad!

Advantages in bringing your people abroad…

Why organizing a meeting abroad?

Meetings, all in all, should be a “special event” where people meet to reach some clear and special goal, otherwise why to organize a meeting?

A lot of times instead, we can see meetings where people come, attend to some activities, catch something, and then simply go back home… a lot of those people ask why they attended to that meeting, maybe faraway and requiring some nights out, just to get back the same things than they was supposed to get simply joining to a smart round-table 2 floors above, investing just a couple of hours…

Then again, why organizing a meeting abroad?

Now we come to distinguish between regular meetings and extraordinary meetings:

– the regular ones almost never are worth a journey abroad, due to ineffective value for money and overall value for time. Usually people there have to share some regular argument and thus it could be more convenient to organize the meeting  keeping in strict consideration time consumed and cost ratio… So, maybe one round table or rather  a one-day-meeting out of the door is definitely the best solution.

– the extraordinary ones instead, they MUST be really outstanding!! Actually there are many “undeclared” goals to be achieved through  those meetings, beyond sharing  the sales trend! If you want  to get INVOLVED, COMMITTED, and INSPIRED People all year long, you MUST organize something special for them at least once per year…and usually it’s not so simple and effective doing it just out of your door. People wish to LIVE something extraordinary indeed, and to be set “out of the box” as well.  In order to get it, you have to create a fantastic MIX just in 3 steps!

3 steps

1) Spread  your best arguments in some good slot of the timeline in the morning, tell everyone about the company purpose of the meeting just at the beginning, then forget it! Just ENJOY the people company!

2) Then put 2 or 3 outstanding and preferably funny activities, representing either values or concept  you want to put in focus, such as LIVING some weird communication sit, or LIVING some business game or even better making your leadership upside-down!

3) At last involve people in something inspiring their lives, such as great Food Experience, combined with a great social ethic or sustainable experience.. you’ll get your people so happy, to make that meeting unforgettable for the rest of the life!

Then, Where does that meeting has to be organized?

why not in Italy?

In Italy of course! Despite what the mass-media could spread out about Italy, Italy remains the best country to experience whatever you want in a friendly, cost-conscious and enjoyable environment! There you can find a lot of different “situations” , different climate, different cultures, different food, different territories ecc.., play with that, remix and create your exclusive meeting .. You can create meetings in outstanding places, some very famous, some really unknown and just for that EXTRAORDINARY and EXCLUSIVE!! Just do it!

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